Remembering Survivors and Their Experiences

With this program we advocate for survivors to be included and remembered as key stakeholders in the memory of and rebuilding from September 11.

Survivors’ Stairway

The Survivors' Stairway is the last remaining above-ground remnant of the World Trade Center. The Vesey Street stairway was used by hundreds of people to evacuate the complex on September 11th, 2001. For many, it was the only route of escape, and is thus now termed the "Survivors' Stairway." The Vesey Street Stairway should be saved as a testament to the survivors who used those stairs.  It should be saved for the families who wish their loved ones could have found them.  Most importantly, they should be saved in memory of the 2,749 friends, neighbors, coworkers, visitors, and loved ones who could not reach their safety. WTCSN is the stairway biggest advocate and we have set up a Campaign to Save the Stairway.


WTC Memorial Museum

The WTCSN will work to ensure that the voice of survivors is heard by advocating for the inclusion of survivors’ stories and experiences in the WTC Memorial Museum, and that our stories are accurately told and are not limited to the evacuation. We will also ensure that all  survivors are remembered with a place dedicated within the Memorial Quadrant at street level.


Survivor Tree

A gift from the Survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing, this tree was planted last September at a NYC park close to the WTC Site. The WTCSN will work with the Parks Dpt in ensuring the health and upkeep of the tree and the Park. The NYC Parks has agreed to train WTCSN members to care for the tree.  WTCSN will work with the Parks Department to fundraise and dedicate the park to WTC Survivors.


During our Fifth Anniversary Commemoration Week, we planted the offspring of the Survivor Tree from the Oklahoma City Memorial at the Living Memorial Groove, opposite City Hall in Manhattan, among five trees formerly planted at the World Trade Center plaza, which survived the collapse in 2001.

In 2004, as part of the Forum of Communities for a Resilient Tomorrow, we held a ceremony at the Living Memorial Grove where representatives from Oklahoma City handed us a seedling from the Survivor Tree and we held a Dedication Ceremony.

September 11 Memorials in the Tri-State Area

WTCSN will contact cities/towns/counties and organizations that have sponsored WTC Memorials in the Tri-State area to offer our support and organize community events where we can thank the community for their efforts and raise awareness of victims of terrorism.

September 11 and Oklahoma City survivors attended the dedication ceremony and participated a keynote speaks, of the September 11 Memorial in Chester, NY, in 2005.

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Survivor Tree dedication in Living Memorial Park, near City Hall