Paying Tribute to the September 11th Community

The World Trade Center Survivors' Network hopes to engage the larger community in our annual Walk of Tribute. Participants pay a special tribute to the many varied groups within the September 11 Community. The walk will begin at "The Sphere," Fritz Koenig's famous sculpture which was recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Center and relocated to Battery Park. Participants will briefly stop at five symbolic locations along the three-quarter-mile route, where a few words will be spoken in honor.

The Walk of Tribute locations are:

The first annual Walk of Tribute was held in September 2006 as part of our Fifth Anniversary Commemorations.

Survivors' Salute

The WTCSN awards the Survivors' Salute to those organizations and individuals who have contributed to support the survivors of September 11th, as well as WTCSN and its mission to serve the living victims of the September 11 attacks.

Awardees in 2006:

  1. Dr Robin Gershon, Columbia University WTC Evacuation Study.
  3. Madeleine Blot, World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
  4. Liam Kavanagh, First Deputy Commissioner, New York City Dpt. Of Parks and Recreation.
  5. Keith Piaseczny, ArtAid
  6. Rabbi Craig Miller, Jewish Community Relations Council of NY
  7. Alice Greenwald, World Trade Center  Memorial Museum Director
  8. Angelo Guglielmo JR, Director, The Heart of Steel
  9. Ken Lustbader, Lower Manhattan Emergency Preservation Fund
  10. Michael J. Arcari, Faithful Response
  11. Kim Hogrefe, Chubb & Son Inc.
  12. Charles Kaczorowski, Designer, The Living Memorial

Awardees in 2005:

  1. Father Jim Hayes, St. Andrew’s Church
  2. Dr. John J. Scibilia, Lutheran Response of New York
  3. Kurt and Diane Horning, WTC Families for Proper Burial
  4. Dr. Al Siebert, The Resiliency Center
  5. Lee Ielpi, Jennifer Adams, Michael Kuo, Sally Yerkovich, Kimberly Grieger, Rachel Grygorcewicz, September 11 Families Association.
  6. Ethel Sheffer and Michael E. Levine, NY Metro Chapter, American Planning Association.
  7. Marcie Kesner, New York Visions.
  8. Petra Todorovich and Robert Yaro, The Civic Alliance To Rebuild Downtown New York.

Awardees in 2004:

Our members take part in the annual Tunnel to Towers run retracing the steps of Firefighter Stephen Siller,

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