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As part of our efforts to help other survivors, we met with members of a new survivor group, the One Heart Foundation. At a very casual social gathering, we met fellow survivors of terrorism, shared our experiences, and expressed a common hope for the future.  It was such a special evening that a local newspaper wrote a story about it.

WTC Survivors' Network and One Heart sponsored another gathering which was a private screening of a documentary movie made by Jack and Fran Baxter, called "Blues by the Beach".  It was also an informal evening, watching the movie on a big screen TV, and for those who wanted to participate - a discussion at the end.
Film Description:
"...Fate brings filmmakers together in Israel in April of 2003. They start filming a documentary about a live music blues bar on the beachfront in Tel Aviv called Mike's Place. Their aim is to show there is more to Israel than the seemingly endless terrorism. Filming people having a good time stops abruptly when harsh reality hits Mike's Place and changes the course of their film...Blues By The Beach."

The World Trade Center Surviors' Network co-sponsored a silent art auction arranged by One Heart.  Artwork included paintings, sculpture, photographs and jewelry donated by 85 prominent Israeli artists. 

One hundred percent of the proceeds are going toward the costs of reconstructive plastic surgery for victims of terrorism worldwide.  This is a vitally unmet need for so many survivors who after living through the trauma of a terrorist attack, still struggle with the psychological effects left by physical deformities.  Sadly, this type of surgery is not covered by standard health insurance policies.

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