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Surviving 9-11

Manuel Chea, on assignment for our Speakers' Bureau in North Carolina
NC chapter of the Full Gospel Christian Business Men's Fellowship on September 8th, 2005 in Moorehead, North Carolina.

Sep 8, 2005
Carley Wegner, WNCT-TV 9, Greenville, North Carolina

"The biggest thing I remember that day is when the building was rocking back and forth and I honestly thought the building would snap and break at that time". Manuel Chea was working as a banker in the world trade center on september11th. A day we all watched in horror as terrorists attacked the U.S.

"That day is one of those days where you can never forget, you remember every detail you experience from the moment of the plane hitting the building, to the evacuation and the building collapsing. Those images become a part of you." "There's my building, I was in the 49th story. I was somewhere here in the middle. I asked if he ever thinks about the "what if's"? Chea answered, "Oh yes, anything lower than 49 I don't think I would be here talking to you, no question about that."

Chea escaped just in time without any injuries, except the mental scars he says will last forever. He says those suffering in the gulf coast right now will experience a lot of those same feelings. "A disaster doesn't have to be an attack; it can be a manmade disaster or a natural disaster. The reaction from the survivors is the same. The flashbacks, the pain, the grief, it will all be the same."

After 9/11, Chea said he changed his whole direction in life, that's why he's here at this church in Morehead City. He's preaching the idea of forgiveness...even of his enemies.. "I don't have any anger or bitterness." And he hopes Katrina survivors will find the same peace in the hard months to come."

Photo/Bio of Manuel Chea (pdf)